Are you seeking a new air purifier with great quality, value, and performance? The Dyson brand is well-known for its reliable air purifiers, so if you're in the market for one, you should consider a Dyson model.

We've compiled this guide to help make your decision easier by providing information about these popular models, including their features and benefits.

Learn more about which Dyson model might best suit your needs!

How We Choose the Best Dyson Air Purifier

When it comes to choosing the best Dyson air cleaner, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, you'll want to look for an air purifier with HEPA filters, as these are proven to capture up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from your home's air.

Next, consider how much noise the device makes – some models are quieter than others, so this is important if you don't want too much disruption while running.

Additionally, think about convenience features like automatic shut-off when the filter needs changing or whether a remote control is included in case you don't want to get up off the couch.

Finally, consider the cost and whether any additional accessories may be necessary to get the full benefit of your chosen air purifier.

Considering all these things, narrowing down your options and picking the best Dyson air cleaner for your needs should be easier.

To help make sure you're getting the most out of your purchase, we've also reviewed various models from this well-known brand.

From their top-of-the-line Pure Cool Link tower fan and Air Multiplier technology to their more budget-friendly options, like the Pure Hot+Cool Link desk fan and Allergy Pro filter, we've tested them all to have peace of mind when making your decision.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

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Why We Love It

Purifies all year and doubles as a fan in summer, giving you the best of both worlds. Automatically removes 99.97 percent of allergens and pollutants from your home.

Certified asthma & allergy friendly – Awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation for its low noise levels during operation.

The Dyson Link app, Provides real-time air quality reports and allows you to remotely control the machine from your smartphone.

Automatically monitors and adjusts purification settings while you sleep for maximum high-efficiency particulate air overnight.

What You Should Know

This lets you set a timer to turn off after a certain time, saving you money.

No fast-spinning blades make it safe for little fingers or paws, and the aperture is easy to get into for cleaning and maintenance.

Gives you the ability to adjust the speed of purification to fit your needs.

With its powerful filtration, dual functionality, great convenience features, and certified asthma & allergy-friendly status, the Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier is one of the best Dyson air purifiers on the market today!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old unit or want a reliable purifier that can keep your home fresh and clean, the Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 is a great choice.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter, Space Heater, and Certified Asthma

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

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Why We Love It

This air purifier offers more than just clean, filtered air; it also features a space heater and fan in one device, so you can cool down your home or office during the summer and warm it up during the winter.

The backward airflow mode also helps to purify without cooling or heating you.

The vacuums and purifiers from Dyson are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria, making this an ideal air purifier for allergies, pets, dust, smoke, pollen, and mold spores.

Automatically senses Air Pollution Events, senses when there is an increase in air pollution levels such as ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

What You Should Know

The sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring you are always breathing in clean air.

Air Multiplier technology delivers over 77 gallons per second of smooth yet powerful airflow; Up to 350 degrees of oscillation directs airflow where you need it to help make the air cleaner.

This purifying space heater can be used for long-range personal heating or fast, even room heating; Heats with thermostatic control in the winter to bring the room up to the right temperature.

Wi-Fi connected home air purifier and heater; See real-time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson Link app.

Voice control using Alexa to turn on/off, turn on auto mode, and update you on indoor air quality.

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 - HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan, White/Silver

Dyson Pure Cool TP04

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Why We Love It

Automatically monitors and reacts to particles and gases in your home, then diagnoses and reports them in real-time on the LCD.

Removes 99.97% of allergens, pollen, dust, mold spores & pet dander from the air with a 360° Glass HEPA filter.

Eliminates odors and VOCs with an activated carbon filter for a clean-smelling environment free from harmful pollutants.

Air Multiplier technology for powerful air projection – no blades or grille required!

What You Should Know

Oscillation control to direct airflow where you need it most (0-350°).

Night-mode dims display while still purifying the air. Quiet Mark is certified for a peaceful sleeping environment.

Energy Star certified, so you’ll save on energy costs while enjoying fresh, purified air in your home.

These features make the Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 - HEPA air purifiers, and Tower Fan ideal for those looking for an effective yet efficient solution to purifying their home's air without compromising on comfort or style.

This model is worth considering if you're searching for the best Dyson air purifier!

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan DP04, White/Silver

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan DP04

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Why We Love It

Its 360-degree Glass HEPA filter effectively captures 99.97% of allergens, pollutants and particles as small as 0.3 microns from your air.

The Air Multiplier technology delivers powerful airflow while remaining whisper quiet, so you can enjoy a comfortable environment without excessive noise disrupting your relaxation or concentration.

The built-in LCD allows you to easily adjust fan speed and monitor air quality levels in real time for total control over your indoor air quality.

With an easy one-touch control panel and remote, you can conveniently turn the fan on/off, change settings, and even set a sleep timer for up to 8 hours– all without leaving your seat!

What You Should Know

The unique 360-degree design and oscillation feature evenly distributes cool, purified air throughout the room for maximum comfort.

With a slim profile and height-adjustable pedestal, you can easily place Dyson Pure Cool anywhere in your home– even those tight spots where bulky fans won’t fit!

An intuitive night mode with dimmed display allows you to enjoy a restful sleep without disruption from bright lights in the room.

With an easy setup, Dyson Pure Cool takes just moments to get up and running so you can breathe clean, fresh air immediately!

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

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Why We Love It

We love the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier because it is extremely effective at removing allergens and pollutants from the air, with a filtration rate of up to 99.97%.

This cleaner also features an intelligent purification system that monitors, reacts, and purifies the air in your home while reporting back to a Dyson link app for easy viewing.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier also has a night-time auto mode that works quietly without disturbing any sleepers in the home, dimming its LED display light when necessary.

The filter change on this unit is simple thanks to easy access filters and direct access to the Dyson Pure Cool replacement filters.

This cleaner also works as a fan in summer, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable while filtering out allergens simultaneously.

We love that this unit is powered by batteries, making it exceptionally easy to move around and use in different parts of your home without worrying about power cords.

What You Should Know

The cord length on the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier is 1.8 meters, long enough to easily move it wherever you need it in your home.

Moreover, this air purifier is now Amazon Echo enabled, allowing you to control its settings with voice commands for even easier use.

Overall, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, effective, and easy-to-use air purifier that can help improve the air quality in their home.

Thanks to its filtration rate and intelligent features, this unit will definitely be able to keep your air clean while remaining quiet enough not to disturb anyone.


Which is the best Dyson air purifier?

The best Dyson air purifier for you will depend on your needs.

Each model has unique features and benefits, so it's important to consider them before deciding.

It's also worth noting that their filters vary in size and power, so you'll want to ensure you have one that fits the size of your room or space.

Considering all these factors, we'd recommend looking at the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 air purifier – this model offers powerful filtration, a sleek design, and great value for money.

What other features do Dyson air purifiers offer?

Besides excellent filtration, Dyson's other air purifiers offer other useful features.

For example, many models can detect particles in the air and adjust the speed of their fans accordingly for optimal performance.

They also come equipped with LCD screens so you can easily monitor the air quality in your home. 

Some models also come with built-in ionizers that help reduce odors and air pollutants.

How often do I need to replace the filters?

The frequency you need to replace the filter depends on how often you use your Dyson model. Typically, it will range between 6 months and a year.

You should check your owner’s manual or contact customer service for instructions for replacing the filter.

Are there any other benefits of using a Dyson air purifier?

Yes! They help reduce indoor pollutants and allergens and have advanced features that can improve the overall outdoor air quality in your home or office.

Additionally, their activated carbon filters come with a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about spending money on replacements for a long time.

Finally, many Dyson models are Energy Star-certified products that help save energy and can potentially reduce your electricity bills.

What is the best way to maintain a Dyson smart air purifier?

To ensure your Dyson model performs optimally, it's important to regularly clean and change its filters.

Additionally, it would be best to wipe down the exterior case of your unit with a damp cloth every few months.

Finally, check the manual or contact customer service for any other specific maintenance instructions associated with your model.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your Dyson purifier lasts many years and provides maximum performance.


Dyson air purifiers are a great choice if you're looking for reliable and high-performance models.

With advanced features like particle detection, LCD screens, and built-in ionizers, they offer excellent value for money.

Additionally, their filters come with a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about replacing them shortly.

We hope this guide has helped make your decision easier.

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