Are you a fan of Greek olive oil's flavorful, healthful benefits? If so, you've come to the right place!

Finding top-quality olive oil products among those of lesser caliber can be hard.

That's why we dug deep and researched and compiled the best Greek olive oil brands today.

This post will examine each product in-depth, spotlighting its production process, taste profile, and key features.

So sit back and relax - it's time to explore some truly incredible Greek Olive Oil!

How We Choose the Best Greek Olive Oil

We take pride in reviewing only the best Greek olive oil brands available.

We seek quality assurance measures like cold-pressed extraction methods and authentic regional ingredients.

Our aim in this post is to bring you Greece's best olive oils, so you can enjoy a truly delicious and healthful culinary experience.

We hope you find the product that works great for you from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors.

Some may have been sent as samples for us to try out, but all opinions in this article are our own.

Oh, and FYI — EasyHealthHacks may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business).

We hope you enjoy the extensive research we've done to find the top picks on Amazon so you don't have to!

Ellora Farms Olive Oil

Ellora Farms Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

We love Ellora Farms olive oil for its quality, traceability, and sustainability.

It's made from single-origin extra virgin olive oil and estate traceable to the groves of Crete, Greece.

It goes through a cold extraction process and is free of additives or preservatives.

Best of all, it has received numerous global awards for its high-quality standards.

What You Should Know

This oil is produced in a carbon-neutral facility, which helps ensure that the production process of this oil is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ellora Farms olive oil is made from pressing olives grown on a single farm in Crete, Greece, which helps ensure its quality and taste.

This oil is cold pressed from the very first pressing of the olives, making it the freshest and most flavorful that you can find in Greece.

The Ellora Farms cold-pressed olive oil has been certified by the European Union for its origin and quality.

It meets stringent requirements while maintaining a focus on environmental consciousness and tradition.

The Ellora Farms olive oil is Kosher OU certified, making it an ideal choice for those who follow a kosher diet.

The olives used in this olive oil production are harvested in the Kolymvari region of Crete, Greece. This area is known for its rich, fruity aroma and characteristic peppery flavor, making this extra virgin olive oil truly unique.

Ellora Farms olive oil is made without any solvents, additives, or preservatives, meaning you can be sure it is of the highest quality.

Ellora Farms olive oil comes with a five-digit lot number printed on the label, which you can use to trace its origin and guarantee its authenticity.

Ellora Farms' 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exceptional product with superior taste and quality.

We recommend this product as a great way to enjoy your greek -style dishes!

Sky Organics USDA Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

Sky Organics USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the best Greek extra virgin olive oils on the market today.

This oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed, and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, making it a healthy choice for cooking and baking and as a base for DIY beauty and hair products.

The fact that it’s USDA organic and comes with a protected designation of origin seal guarantees its purity, ensuring that you get only the highest quality product.

Best of all, this EVOO has an incredibly rich taste profile that will add flavor to your dishes without overpowering them!

What You Should Know

Sky Organics USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a luxurious oil ideal for many purposes.

With a protected designation of origin seal, this EVOO guarantees its origin and purity.

It's unfiltered, which means all the beneficial nutrients and vitamins are preserved.

The organic certification ensures it is produced without pesticides or other chemicals.

This versatile oil can be used as a salad dressing, in cooking and baking, or as a carrier oil base for your favorite DIY hair and skin products.

This premium olive oil has an intense yet balanced flavor with hints of herbs, spices, artichokes, and almonds.

Its light fruity aroma accentuates dishes such as fish or vegetables.

Sky Organics EVOO is milder than most other olive oils, making it better suited for more delicate dishes.

It has low acidity and higher antioxidants, vitamin E, and polyphenols levels than most cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil brands.

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Each bottle is made from hand-picked stone-ground olives with traditional methods to ensure superior quality.

The process also ensures the flavor of the oil remains unadulterated and its organic properties remain intact.

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers premium high-quality olive oil in every bottle and offers unique health benefits.

Mr. Papou's Greek Olive Oil

Mr. Papou's Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

Mr. Papou's cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is made from a carefully selected blend of olives harvested in Greece, providing a unique and flavorful experience.

It has a smooth texture, and a mild taste will bring out the most subtle flavors of flavored olive oils in whatever dish you are preparing.

Its long shelf life allows for maximum enjoyment. Mr. Papou's Olive Oil is perfect for salads, fish dishes, or just over some freshly baked bread.

What You Should Know

Mr. Papou's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest quality and certified to meet the extra virgin olive oil standard.

It's made with olives harvested in Greece and cold-pressed in small batches to preserve its natural flavor and healthful qualities.

The resulting oil has a smooth, fresh taste without bitterness or aftertaste.

Mr. Papou's Olive Oil is never mixed, blended, or adulterated - you can be sure you're getting only pure, high-quality Greek olive oil in every bottle!

This 3-liter size is perfect for cooking large quantities and makes it easy to enjoy its delicious flavor without buying multiple smaller bottles.

Iliada Greek Olive Oil

Iliada Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

Iliada Olive Oil is one of the best Greek olive oils on the market today.

It has an exquisite flavor that makes it a great choice for both cooking and salad dressings.

The process of harvesting and cold-pressing ensures that this oil's health benefits are preserved, including its rich source of mono-unsaturated fats.

It's certified PDO Kalamata, which guarantees real Greek olive oil!

As the perfect finishing touch to your dishes, Iliada Olive Oil will make them stand out with its unique flavor profile.

What You Should Know

Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin is a high-quality, gourmet-quality extra virgin olive- oil made from olives in the Kalamata region of Greece.

It's harvested and cold-pressed without chemicals or preservatives, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add healthy fats to their diet.

The result is a smooth, fresh, and full-bodied flavor with notes of ripe olives and herbs.

Due to its PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, this extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality.

Its 3 Liter tin canister makes it ideal for stocking up on your favorite olive oil—whether cooking for your family or catering an event!

P.J. Kabos Premium Greek Olive Oil

P.J. Kabos Premium Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

We love P.J. Kabos Olive Oil's "Famly Reserve - Medium” for its high phenolic content, premium quality, and delicious taste.

The olive oil is made with only 100% Certified Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Single Origin and is cold extracted with no additives or chemicals.

It has a medium-intensity flavor that exhibits abundant fruitiness, medium bitterness, and pungency with notes of arugula, flowers, mint, and green almond.

A family business with direct customer service ethically produces it.

What You Should Know

P.J. Kabos “Family Reserve - Medium” is a premium grade extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece.

The olives used to make this oil are handpicked from groves of olive trees near the site of Ancient Olympia and cold-extracted using no additives or chemicals.

With a very low acidity level of 0.22%, this olive oil has an elevated smoke point of over 400°F, making it suitable for all cooking needs, including raw, sautéing, deep frying, baking, and grilling.

This medium-intensity olive oil has an abundance of fruitiness and notes of arugula, flowers, mint, and green almond on the palate.

It also boasts high levels of polyphenols at 521 mg/kg during production.

This fresh flavored olive oil also comes in a 16.9 fl oz tin which is easy to store and handle.

P.J. Kabos “Family Reserve - Medium” is an excellent choice for those looking for an authentic Mediterranean taste that is healthy and flavorful.

It can be used as a stand-alone product or mixed with other foods like salads, vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, beans, seafood, grains, and dairy.

The limited family production ensures you get the freshest harvest and superior customer service directly from the olive tree and oil producer.

Terra Creta Kolymvari Estates Greek Olive Oil

Terra Creta Kolymvari Estates Greek Olive Oil

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Why We Love It

Brimming with flavor, Terra Creta is luxurious and smooth, unrivaled in quality.

It has a peppery finish and a deep golden-yellow-green color.

The aroma is robust and fruity, with hints of artichoke and green tomato.

It's carefully crafted from hand-selected olives grown on the sun-drenched hills of Kolymvari Estates to capture maximum nutrition, flavor, and freshness.

Best of all, it can be enjoyed as an everyday staple or used for special occasions - it's perfect for drizzling over salads or dipping bread.

What You Should Know

This multi-award-winning, internationally-renowned olive oil from Crete, Greece, is among the best.

Produced by Terra Creta, this 100% pure Greek olive oil is cold extracted and certified by the European Union for authenticity.

Each tin is sealed and marked with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certificate to provide traceability back to the Kolymvari Estates in Crete.

It's available in a 3Ltr (101.4 fl. oz) tin that provides plenty of flavorful extra virgin olive oil for your kitchen needs.

Best of all, its taste profile is robust, with notes of fresh-cut grass and green fruit, and just enough bitterness to give it an edge over other brands.

Enjoy this oil's smooth and creamy texture while reaping its health benefits.

Best Greek Olive Oil FAQs

How should I store my Greek olive oil?

Greek olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place and out of direct sunlight.

The ideal temperature range is between 10-20°C. 

It's also important to use an airtight container or bottle and ensure the lid is always tightly closed when not in use.

This will help keep the oil fresh and prevent oxidation.

Where can I buy Greek olive oil?

Greek olive oil is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s easy to find in many supermarkets and health food stores.

We prefer to purchase it online from Amazon (see links above) to get the freshest batch, and the convenience of free shipping!

How long does Greek olive oil last?

Greek olive oil has a shelf life of 12-24 months, depending on the variety.

However, it’s best to consume it within six months of opening.

How is Greek olive oil different from other olive oils?

Greek olive oil or koroneiki olives are known for their intense flavor and aroma, which sets them apart from other varieties.

It's also produced following European quality standards, making it a top-notch product.

How can I tell if Greek olive oil is of high quality?

High-quality flavored oils should have a full-bodied flavor and pleasant aroma.

The best olive oil should also be free from discoloration, sediment, or sour notes.

It’s important to look for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) labels to ensure the highest quality product.

Summing It All Up

We have highlighted six of our favorite Greek olive oils that are among the finest in this Mediterranean region.

Ellora Farms Olive Oil, Sky Organics USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mr. Papou’s Olive Oil, Iliada Olive Oil, Kolymvari Estates, P.J. Kabos Olive Oil, and Terra Creta are all excellent options to consider when looking for the perfect olive oil for your next dish.

So there you have it! All that's left is to head over to Amazon and check out the brand you think is best for you - thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out our other blog posts for more information on living a healthy life!